Sometimes All We Need is Some “Me-Time”,

Time to disengage and enjoy your personal space,

Take time for yourself – to experience and love yourself,

Give yourself some breathing space. Do things for your own contentment, health and well-being.

We are always giving time for others, why not start giving some time for ourselves?  We are so easily succumbed to our weakness of being by ourselves. Being in the most inter-connected era ever, we have almost taken it as a given to be constantly on Instagram and Facebook, scrolling through what our friends are doing or stalking others we don’t even know. 

Often when others ask us about our weekends, the typical answer is “my weekend was too short and busy…doing things for others”.

When you create space for yourself, it is actually really healthy for both your mental health and well-being.  It allows you to revitalize both your mind and body at the same time.  Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on the important things in life, the things you want to achieve in life and set milestones for yourselves.

Occasionally we need to allow ourselves to steer away from the distractions in life.  

Read a book and unwind with a cup of Heal’r’s golden latte, 

Go for a yin yoga session or a happy Pilates workout at High Vibe Yoga & Pilates,

Plug in your earphones and do a killer workout,

 Chill out by yourself at a cafe, eat mindfully and really enjoy every mouthful of your avocado toast.

Go for some pampering facial or manicure sessions or even bake a cake. Or you could take it to the next level by starting your day earlier or disconnecting from social media for a period of time. We are all unique so everyone’s way of committing some time to themselves is different.  Perhaps, you could steal some time for yourself through putting your “me-time” in your diaries.

Needless to say, it is pivotal to seek some solitude in today’s inter-connected world.  Enjoy your time alone! X




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